10th Annual Battle Born Big Four Event

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For all the trophy hunters, check out Battle Born Hunters Associations 10th Annual Battle Born Big Four Event!  The date is set for March 1st, 2025. Score events to be held at local venues.  There will be multiple Sign-In Events to be announced at a later date.

March 1st, 2025–Fundraising Banquet. For tickets and more information, please call 775-750-9596 .

Congratulations to those that were successful in the draw. If you are interested in winning a gold belt buckle, get signed in today! BBHA will be awarding gold belt buckles for the following Nevada big game animals: Buck, Bull, Desert Bighorn Sheep and Antelope. BBHA will have a number of sign in events this summer. If you are unable to make it to one our sign in events, you can fill out a sign in sheet and mail it with your payment (check or credit card accepted) to us. All hunts are DIY and on public lands. BBHA also has a sign in for youth hunters that drew buck tags. The top three youth hunters will be awarded.  Please be sure to be signed in before your hunt starts. For more information please contact us.


big buck belt buckle

1st Place ‘Big Buck’ Belt Buckle

Big Bull 2016 belt buckle

1st Place ‘Big Bull’ Belt Buckle


BBHA would like to thank our 2023 Belt Buckle Sponsors

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Adult Hunt Sign-In:  $75.00–  Includes hunt hat, chance to win gold belt buckle as well as a chance to win a Lever Action Rifle.

Youth Hunt Sign-In (Buck Only):  $25.00 –  Includes hunt hat and a chance to win a 22-250.

Award Event Banquet (Mar 1st, 2025) – Adult = $90.00  ,  Youth – $45.00. Includes dinner, hat and entry for door prize.


Official Rules Are Below

2024 Rules and Regulations

  • Eligible hunters must be signed in and entry fee paid 24hrs before your hunt
  • All entries must be killed in accordance with State Game Laws (Nevada Department of Wildlife)
  • All classes must be killed within the state of Nevada
  • No game proof fences. Animals killed within fenced or confined areas are not eligible
  • No private land hunts – public land hunt only – DIY
  • No guided hunts
  • Youth division is 17 and younger
  • Antler beams and/or points can be measured to only the point of where they were broken
  • Broken or split skull plates are ineligible
  • Repaired beams or antler points cannot be measured
  • Cheating or violating game laws will result in being disqualified and banned from entering the event.
  • Any awarded prizes can be revoked or must be returned if found unlawful to the rules and regulations
  • All disputes handled by board of directors
  • All scores and decisions made are FINAL
  • Must have valid ID card and Sportsmen ID card present at the time of sign in (youth hunters must have parent/guardian present)
  • All animals must be scored 48 hours before the award banquet. If you are not able to attend a scoring event due to living out of town, please contact the BBHA crew 775.750.9596
  • You must send a pic within 24 hours of time of kill with the rack tagged and event zip ties (a confirmation of “nice rack” will be sent once we receive your picture) – you may be awarded with taxidermy services. Send via text or email, 775.750.9596 or eric.bbha@yahoo.com
  • Tag and rack must be present for scoring
  • You must fill out the kill sheet after kill (area, time, weapon)
  • Winners will be awarded for overall inches of rack
  • Let’s make this a great event for all hunters, please be fair and honest to fellow hunters. Set a good example for our Nevada Youth Hunters of Tomorrow




Battle Born Hunter’s Association